Ever wondered why a therapist’s website says how supportive they’ll be? Or why they say how comfortable and safe their office is? It’s because it’s hard to change your mind and that’s what therapy is all about. Therapy can be very challenging. You will often hear a therapist say that you may feel worse before you feel better. 

Every year at about this time, many of us will be starting to feel our new year’s resolutions are slipping away. That we can’t stick to the things we decided to change. The truth is that our old ways and habits are tenacious. They are the well practiced ways of being that we have had for perhaps many years. Making changes therefore is not so much an adjustment as a revolution!

Therapy can be difficult and frightening. At stages in your therapy you may be angry and find you’ve been really challenged by your therapist, however, we are well practiced and well trained at helping people change. A therapist will guide you, help you explore your feelings, sit with you in your anger and your fear and be with you in the process of you making new decisions about who you are and who you want to be.

I’m not just talking about giving up smoking or exercising more, I’m talking about rebuilding relationships, exploring past traumas and current anxieties, coping with and thriving after real challenges in life.

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