Counselling for Couples

Counselling for Couples is available to all people in relationships, whether they are married, not married, gay, straight, business partners, mother and daughter, father and son. 

Transactional Analysis is a modality of Psychotherapy based upon the understanding of relationships. It can be used to help find out what goes wrong in relating to another person and can be used as the basis to understand how we miss each other in trying to relate to one another.

Transactional Analysis (TA) can be used as a tool to help us communicate better and to build our understanding of the other in relationship. TA techniques can be applied and of use in all forms of relationship.

Couples in a loving partnership that are experiencing difficulties can especially benefit from working together to improve their communication and understanding. When we understand each other and communicate clearly we don’t play psychological games and can become closer and more satisfied. 

Psychological games are a compromise between intimacy and keeping intimacy away. – Eric Berne

Good couples therapy happens when there is open communication between the therapist and the individuals in the room. Judgments are not made. Blame is not attributed. Fundamentally everybody that comes to Couples Counselling is OK.

One person may have difficulty with the behaviour of another and the aim is to find a way of working through the difficulty that a couple brings. This may be a practical issue around work/life balance, self esteem or confidence issues either personally or in the relationship. Perhaps there are issues and anxieties caused by previous relationships.

What happens in Couples Counselling?

Counselling sessions for couples are 60 minutes long. In general terms my role is to facilitate and help to develop a conversation between the clients.

I will remain impartial. I won’t take sides or apportion blame. I may reflect on what I see happening between you to help you develop understanding of your couplehood and how individually you impact each other.

I will ask some questions, starting simply with perhaps why you have come to therapy, how long you have been in relationship, whether you’ve had couples counselling before. It might get uncomfortable at times but it’s worth remembering that my focus is the relationship.

Every few weeks we’ll assess how it’s going and whether we are collectively working towards your goals.

Your First Therapy Session is Half Price

Offering a first session half price is a good way for us to see if working together is going to be helpful and productive. Fill in the form here as a first step to booking an appointment or to find out more

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