Counselling and Psychotherapy for Individuals

More than anyone, a good therapist should understand that getting started in therapy can be daunting. There is a stigma in society that we should be strong and able to cope with anything and everything that life throws at us.

Realistically though this has not ever been the case and people have sought help for psychological difficulties for hundreds of years.

Modern life has its own ever increasing and unique stresses, difficulties and pressures. and sometimes, someone hearing and understanding how it is for you can be extremely helpful in itself. My first aim as a therapist, therefore is to listen.

Listen to your heart. It knows all things. – Paulo Coelho

Listening is the key to developing understanding and the overall aim of therapy is for you to learn and understand about who you are and how you got to this point.

I work at your pace and together we will see and understand how things are in the world for you and together we will build new knowledge that you may use to decide if you want to make changes.

What is Counselling?

A lot of people use the terms Counseling and Psychotherapy interchangeably. I beleive they are similar in meaning with considerable overlap, but that there are some important distinctions between the two that are helpful to keep in mind.

Counselling is a conversation or series of conversations usually focussing on a specific problem, followed by agreeing and taking the steps to address or solve it. Problems are discussed in the present-tense, without too much attention to past experiences.

In counselling I don’t offer advice. Instead, I will guide you to discover your own answers and support you through the actions you choose to take.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, like counselling, is based on a listening relationship and psychotherapy, or therapy for short, also takes place over a series of meetings, though often it has a longer duration than counselling. Some people participate in therapy off and on over several years.

Instead of narrowing in on individual problems, psychotherapy considers overall patterns, chronic issues, and recurrent feelings. This requires an openness to exploring the past and its impact on the present. The aim of psychotherapy is to resolve the underlying issues which fuel ongoing complaints. Psychotherapists help to resolve past experiences as part of laying the foundation for a satisfying future.

Many psychotherapists are open to and interested in wisdom from a variety of sources the body, the unconscious, and the inner child, to name a few possibilities. Therapists should be comfortable working with strong feelings, traumatic memories, and the therapeutic relationship.

In practice our sessions would include both apporaches, counselling and psychotherapy.

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